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The recent global economic downturn has affected different types of careers worldwide. But the Healthcare and IT Industry is the one which is less affected and continues to prosper, even in a falling economy.

Keeping this in mind, MBS India offers a comprehensive range of job oriented learning solutions to address the needs of diverse audiences in the field of Healthcare and IT industry. They are as follows:

  • Medical Transcription Training
  • Healthcare Information Technician
  • Live US Projects in PHP, ASP.NET
  • Web Design & Development and Software Testing
  • Basic Computer and Data Digitization

Medical Transcription Training

The main goal of this Training Program is to prepare the students for entry level in house employment as a medical transcriptionist. This is a unique, tried and tested training course developed by our in-house experienced MTs to take a trainee; step-by-step through all the competencies required to become a successful Medical Transcriptionist. The duration of this course is 6 months and the course fee is Rs.20, 000.

Healthcare Information Technician

As the healthcare industry becomes more computer-based, the need for qualified healthcare technician is increasing significantly. Through this course, candidates will be given skills that are required to obtain an entry-level position as a Healthcare Information Technician in leading Hospitals nationwide. Total duration of this course is 4 months and the course fee is Rs.16, 000.

Live US projects in PHP, ASP.NET, Web Design & Development and Software Testing

Our Live US Projects are specially designed to gear up final year students and job seekers who are lacking the required live experience, industry exposure and skill set in IT industry. We offer live US projects in PHP, ASP.NET, Web Design & Development and Software testing.


For all the above three training courses, the main goal of MBS India is to provide the fundamental knowledge, understanding and skills required by a candidate to be self-reliant in the Healthcare and IT Industry, immediately after completion of the training.

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